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About Us

About Alliance International (Nepal) Pte. Ltd.

Our Company (Alliance International (Nepal) Inc. Pte.Ltd. has been established since 2004. Its registered office is located at Narayangopal Road, Word no.2, Kathmandu Municipal Corporation, Kathmandu District.

The Objective of Alliance International (Nepal) Inc. Pte. Ltd
1) Education consultancy service &
2) Other services

1) To Provide Educational Consultancy Service:

I) To Study Abroad Visa Counseling for Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Nether land, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, USA & UK.

II) To provide consultancy service to those people who are intending to go abroad for study from Nepal regarding educational quality, Act, Laws and life style of concerned country.

III) Our assignment is to be an effective bridge between the universities abroad and students to provide authentic information, quality and professional counseling to the higher education opportunities abroad.

IV) To support commendable deserving students to get to their desired destinations.

V) To provide best and most competitive academic environment available in the world.

VI) To provide quality and professional visa Interview preparation and documentation facilities to the students.

VII) Financial assistance from reputed financial institution or banks of Nepal.

VIII) Education Loan on request.

IX) Credit Transfer Facilities.

X) Scholarship Opportunities

XI) Air Ticketing

XII) To conduct language classes for all levels

XIII) To University Entrance preparation Courses as follows
* TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign Language) Duration 6 Weeks
* IELTS (International English Languages Testing System) Duration 6 Weeks
* SAT I & II (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Duration 8 Weeks
* GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Duration 10 Weeks
* GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Duration 10 weeks

XIV) English Language Classes
* Basic Level Duration 6 weeks
* Intermediate Level Duration 6 Weeks
* Advance Level Duration 6 Weeks
* Public Speaking Duration 4 Weeks

Preparation Classes:-
TOEFL is the test of English as a Foreign Language is skill-based exam, which test the Proficiency of American English of those students who are planning to study abroad. No matter where you want to study, the TOEFL test can help get you there.

The International English Language Testing System. It covers all four Language skill- Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Which test the proficiency of people who intend to study or work is the language of communication.

GRE The Graduate Record Examinations General Test measures verbal analysis
quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking and analytical writing skills.
The GRE Tests measure undergraduate achievement in 8 specific fields of


a) To export cottage and handmade goods, crafts, Nepali carpet, thanka,
curio goods made of Nepalese paper, organic tea/coffee, ready made
garments/fashion and other exportable goods which are produced in Nepal and
prescribed as exportable by His Majesty's Government in foreign country.

b) To imported educational books, stationery, sports goods as required for
the development of the education and sells them in wholesale and retail.

c) To provide information regarding Nepalese Act, culture, life style to
tourists who are coming from abroad to Nepal for traveling and conduct
various cultural program in order to spread Nepalese culture and Arts in the

d) To carry out work being an agent, dealer, distributor of different native
and foreign companies.

e) To provide necessary consultancy regarding conduction of professional
work. To provide consultancy service for skill oriented and employment
oriented professional.

f) To exhibit educational materials at different town of native and foreign
country for the development of education.

g) To help guide native and foreign people who are interested in climbing
mountain and trekking at different mountain range located as different arts
of Nepal and provide necessary materials and services.

h) To help sightseeing the different tourist spot which are located at
different tourist spot which are located at different Districts of Nepal to
native and foreign tourist through Air or Trekking.


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