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This trek was one of the best experiences of my life. I found it quite a challenge but it felt like such anaccomplishment to reach the destinations
to reach the destinations



Everest Kalapathar Trek
With eight of the worlds ten highest peaks, Nepal is loaded with spectacular mountains vistas

Annapurna Circuit Trek
The classic Annapurna Circuit trek first became accessible to the world of adventure travelers as

Gosaikunda Trek
Gosainkunda lake is the holy lakes for Hindus, Gosainkunda (4,380), where pilgrims



Has the combination of Sun, Sand, Sea and Surf ever tempted you to take a break from the daily monotonous chores that you perform so religiously? Indian visit reveals the balmy beaches of India, the perfect escapade for the fun loving holiday seekers. India with its long coastline of 7500 kms, offers some of the most exotic beach holidays in the world. The great peninsula with the Indian Ocean in the middle and accompanied by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal on each side besides the two archipelagos of Lakshadweep and Andamans is perfect for beach holidays for tourists the world over. The young state of Goa certainly happens to be the Beach Capital of India. It offers the perfect spot for the novice divers. The blaze of glory, the beautiful waves, the swinging palms and the many hues of the sky, the nature is for sure at its best at the beaches.

Beaches - All Over
India boasts of many beaches of Goa in the West, Kovalam in the South and Gopalpur-On-Sea in the East. Once a small fishing village Gopalpur-On-Sea is now a major destination on the Beach tourism map of India. So you may head towards any direction of the Indian peninsula and be invited to the sun bathed beaches. The never-ending shores and the untouched oceanic horizons seem to be mesmerizing. The photogenic dawn and dusks at the beaches are sure to be repetitive visitor to the shores.

Beaches - Digha
For the beach tourists visiting India there is the dream destination of Digha. The Digha beach lies on the eastern coast of India. The perfect holiday spot of Digha beach is popular for its flat and hard beaches.

Kerala - Goa
The palm fringed bays and the sea waves seem to possess a soothing property unattained by many medicines. The beautiful blues of the sky and the beach repeatedly attract tourists. Down south we have the Covelong beach that even has a fishing settlement besides the sandy beach. Silvery fish in the small boats give a feel of the rustic lifestyle of the people. It has an excellent stretch besides the ruins of Old fort and church. The sundecks along with the ethnic setting of a village provide an advantage to the tourists at the Kovalam beach in Kerala. Besides Kovalam lives true to its name, which means a grove of coconut trees on the Malabar Coast. Being the most popular beach amongst sea surfers, the Kovalam beach is renowned for the yoga and other health related activities.


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