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Welcome to the Himalayan Cultural Association, We organise typical nepalese cultural program from Mask Dance to Traditional Ballet & Folk Dance all over the world...


HICA Festival 2012-2013: Terms & Conditions


  1. It is organized every year, during the Nepalese New Year during 10-17 April
  2. Groups have to arrive on 10th or before and leave on 17th after the festival.
  3. Some 10 foreign groups can participate as well as 5 local groups.


  1. A participating group having maximum 40 members (incl. musicians, leaders, accompanied guest(s), etc. will be accepted
  2. “Tourists” or the accompanied members who have nothing to do with the performances have to pay for their costs separately.
  3. The group have to perform in ‘LIVE MUSIC’, recorded music will not be accepted.
  4. Each group will be accompanied by HICA host/hostess during the festival.


  1. The entire groups have to perform in the open air in three cities – Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan.
  2. The performances will start from 1100 & 17.00. The final program will be notified.
  3. During Nepalese New Year’s program, performances will be made on the indoor stages and commences the performances from 19.00 hrs.
  4. The audience will be quite close around the stages in the open air!.


  1. The members of each group will be provided the accommodation.
  2. The accommodation will be in double occupancy basis.


  1. The costs of transports to and from KATHMANDU are at the expenses of the group.
  2. The costs for the lodgings, meals, excursions, transportation during the festival will be on the expenses of HICA.


  1. Groups participating in the HICA Festival will be on their own risks.
  2. Groups have to be covered on own against all risks of life: falling ill, hospitalization, accidents. etc.
  3. HICA can take no responsibility to their financial and/or other consequences.
  4. There will be First Aid during the performances for petite accidents.
  5. HICA will take all measures to avoid the risks of the participants, the audience as well as the HICA volunteers/workers.


  1. HICA respects every opinion concerning any religion and politics
  2. Groups can participate, independently of the religious and/or politic background
  3. But HICA does not allow any religious or political activity in the area of festival.
  4. On Sunday (during the festival) there will be a special HICA Service in the local church; groups can attend and/or join in this ecumenical meeting.


  1. Any activity, either from anyone or any group that could damage the festival is not allowed.
  2. HICA will take measures in case of any damage.


  1. Situations that are not covered by these ‘terms & conditions’ HICA will reserve the rights to its own sound judgement.
  2. If necessary or requested, HICA will consult individuals and/or groups who are involved.


  1. By participating in the HICA festival a group accepts the terms & conditions of the festival.
  2. The leaders of the group are requested to brief their members regarding all the terms and conditions of HICA festival.


Further Details, Please Contact us at:
Himalayan International Cultural Association

GPO Box 4431, Narayangopal Road
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Tel: +977 1 2150059, +977 1 4720937
Fax: +977 1 4720937
Mobile: +977 9851021314



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