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Welcome to the Himalayan Cultural Association, We organise typical nepalese cultural program from Mask Dance to Traditional Ballet & Folk Dance all over the world...


HICA Festival 2013-2014 Application Form:

Application form for groups interested in participating in a HICA festival 2013-2014

Name of Group :
Country :
Group Leader :
Address :
Tel :
Fax :
Email :
Website :
Total number of members of the group that participates in the festival
(groups accepted - maximum of 40 members)
Average age of the members
Means of Transport to Nepal

you can get on arrival or at Nepalese Embassy/Consulate in your country.
We are interested to participate in the HICA festival during :
2013  2014   2015

Please note that ::
We are having many interested groups in our festival. We can accommodate 10 foreign groups a year and our selection will be based on the best information and reputation of groups. Please send us detailed information about your group as following:
  • Information about the group, history and its background
  • The programs of the group which will be presented
  • Photo’s (digital) and leaflets
  • Video or DVD
  • Relevant details: in separate page(s)


Further Details, Please Contact us at:
Himalayan International Cultural Association

GPO Box 4431, Narayangopal Road
Kathmandu, NEPAL
Tel: +977 1 2150059, +977 1 4720937
Fax: +977 1 4720937
Mobile: +977 9851021314



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